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7 Affirmations for healing through grief

You have to be intentional with your mindset. Affirmations at the beginning of the day will set the tone and make you feel empowered to own your truth, and be intentional with navigating grief and implement self healing.


Thank you!


Carter Girls & Karissa

          Our mission, to serve and empower others learning to live with grief and heal past trauma, started from the will of this Mama's heart and influence for my children to push past all adversities and face the world empowered.

          In remembrance of their father Keethan Shaun Carter, and in honor of his children and parents, Karen and Raymond Williams, we bring to you the tools and practices to embrace the grief process, knowing as painful as the road is you are supported, loved, and you will reach a place of acceptance and ultimately healing.


         One family's heart break, one mama's mission. How we are healing and helping others along the road of grief.

Inspired by Keethan's children, Dylan Shaun Carter, Malayah Noelle Carter, and Amiliana Grace Carter.


Grief Mentoring

Growing  up in a home where active addiction wreaked havoc on our family and  created debilitating anxiety, no sense of self worth, and limiting beliefs that closed off any awareness to life of any developmental practices for self care and wellness.


It wasn't until 19 that I was introduced to  cognitive understanding that got my wheels turning, not EVERYONE lives in such chaos.  Which is also when I started realizing, I've been practicing habits of self healing since age 8, and I didn't even know it. I had always had this intuitive awareness of what helped my heal through the chaos. When I was introduced to cognitive learning it allowed me to look at myself, the behaviors I was demonstrating, and the environment which I was in. Analyzing the facts empowered me and made me thirsty for more knowledge and understanding of how I can shift the beliefs I thought restricted my life. Shifting those beliefs and developing habits transformed me.

My children and I lost their father to a fatal drug overdose. The debilitating anxiety returned and I slipped into the most darkest days of my life. For over a year I went through life without catching my breathe, head down. Living in the fetal position, is the only way I know how to explain. It wasn't until I started attending some support groups that my old practices were reintroduced, through the words of others. My light bulb final switched back on. I was finally able to look back at the world. I was finally able to see better days. 


Why Grief Mentoring?

Introducing these practices of healing through, social, physical, psychological, and spiritual areas of influence on our lives is what trains the mind, body and spirit to nurture itself as we go through grief, I have created a series of habits to navigate the ways of grief.


We will work together so you learn how to work through the denial and heartache of losing a loved one, without losing yourself. Practice the healthiest ways to process your anger through the stages of grief. Discover how to navigate the waves of grief and embrace every season of healing. Develop habits to help you maintain a healthy state of mind and understand the power of taking grief one day at a time so that you can thrive in a life after loss.

My passion & commitment to helping you through this loss is incomparable. Sis, I've been there and with over 20 years of my own childhood trauma, grief, and healing, I'm sharing my own personal practices for healing along with cognitive and social learning to mentor others through grief and personal wellness.

2020 Carter Girls Grief Chapters & Healing