• Karissa Blevins

3 years now I've been learning how to best live this life.

When I look in their eyes all I see is the hope, dreams, and happiness I saw in you. The fire to live the day like it is our last. ❤

This year I decided we would live with gratitude, we would live in celebration of the time we had with you.

We would give and love effortlessly, as you. 💫

We would stay an extra day at Nana's, eat all the pizza, and go see a late movie- ON A SCHOOL NIGHT.🍕🎬🥰

They have given me a life worth living. And you, gave me them. Everything I live for, began with you.

The way you introduced these limitless ideas of living sparked joy in me, and showed me a world different from that I'd ever known.

You still inspire me in to do the things I once thought unattainable. I see your signs and hear you speaking through our girls.👩‍👧‍👧

We're just getting started.

This next year is going to be our best yet, full of learning, giving, inspiring others, and our first book. 2020 we're coming for ya 😘

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