• Karissa Blevins

6 Tips To Healing Through Grief

Life has had us running like mad for back to school! But, we're finally settling into a routine and I've been working on somethings to better serve our members and community as a whole.

Today friends I wanted to share with you some practices that are vital to healing from grief. After much time it took looking deep into my beaten path to accept some of these of which I felt would burden others. But I assure you, if you trust the process, and are willing to be vulnerable, you will start to see better days.

1. It's ok to talk about it. First of all, you can always connect with me here when you need to talk or just want to share what you're going through, or ask anything! Also, if you haven't joined our slack support group please do so now, so you always have a place to vent.

Join here. https://join.slack.com/…/enQtNjczNDIzNzEwNDMzLWJjZjI4NGYxYW…

2. Take your time. You can only process and navigate the waves of grief with the timing that is designed perfectly to you, your life, and your purpose. Alot of times we find ourselves caught in "Why am I still.." or "When will I get over this?" It is a life long process. You will never "get over" losing a loved one, but you will learn to live without them.

3. It's ok to be on standby mode. This also relates to taking your time. There have been days I've bounced into anger with my grief, honestly this is the stage I get stuck in most. The quicker I accept where I'm at the quicker it fades off.

4. Grieve your way Cry, kick, scream, write, read, run, whatever healthy means of processing your feelings.

5.Face your feelings-even the uncomfortable ones. The only way to get through this, IS THROUGH THIS.

6. Look after yourself (or let someone else look after you) Your healing matters. Like I said before, you must be willing to get vulnerable and trust that the right people at the right time will be there to support when you feel debilitated by this pain.

My thoughts & prayers are always with this community and the fact that you have trusted enough to come and share brings confirmation that we are doing the right thing by serving in this capacity, for that we thank you.

Hugs & love, Karissa

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