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I have walked this path with the 3 most important ladies.

Updated: May 26, 2019

They have been my biggest fans and supporters. When families are grieving it is a delicate dance that takes skill, respect and understanding. Listening is almost all you can do for one another.

Everyone is in a different space. Some get stuck in denial, like it's not reality, or it hasn't "sunk in". I person dwelled on the last day we saw the Carter Girls Father. We were at the beach, it was the first time we hadn't argued in months, it was peaceful, just the girls and us. Reminiscing on that day was my memory protecting my heart, and sanity. Not realizing I was only prolonging the inevitable. The natural process of what a person feels, thinks, recovers, when they have lost a loved one.

Sis, no one will drag you through.

“ But believe me, you can only heal once you reach acceptance. "

Til then allow yourself to feel the pain of the loss, the anger of not being able to change what has happened. Sis, you can make up all the "what if" and "I should've" The fact is, you don't get to call the shot on someone else's destiny. I say that with love and in hopes you will reach a point of acceptance and begin to heal. I created 3 affirmations that helped me get them here: https://mailchi.mp/63fba712250b/affirmations

We also created a grief support channel on our slack support community.

Join me there: linktr.ee/cartergirlscloset817

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