• Karissa Blevins


Seems simple, right?


Uh, not. When I hear that I think, “be a contributing member of society” “be kind to your neighbor” THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEAN WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH GRIEF.

What I’m mean is ENGAGE by getting involved, engross yourself in positive environments, surround yourself with positive people.


Practices, habits, activities that are GOOD FOR YOU!

Good for your body! Good for your spirit! Good for your mental health! Good for your social life!

Once you start these things and take care of YOU, they will become habits, once you develop exceptional habits your quality of being, living, become exceptional. You will FEEL better, you will feel an increase of energy & value. Only then you will seek out what you’ve truly longed for, healing.

The only way is to start engaging, YOU have to decide. Wallow in self pity or take what you are worthy of, and make it YOURS.

And if you need join our support group on slack: https://join.slack.com/t/cartergirls/shared_invite/enQtNjE3MTg5MDkwOTE1LThlYzJmN2JlOWRiYzgzOGY2NjMxYTBmZGZjMGY4NDkzNDUyZjc5ZGIwOTBiZTc5Zjk5MWRiY2NkYmMzNzMwYjM

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