• Karissa Blevins

How I had to realign myself with what we're doing here

Have you ever doubted yourself? Your ability?

Well, that's exactly what I've been doing the last 10 days. UGH! I'm not even going to go into details of how it started but, basically my mind has been a never ending reel of limiting beliefs, self sabotaging, and pessimistic attitude! To say I'm over myself is an understatement. Listen transparency is what we're about here. And shit ain't always easy!

But it's up to me to change the habits. It's up to me to catch myself back sliding and get myself back in gear. It's up to me to keep the pace for life I want. And that's exactly why I'm here sharing with you because I know that you have these days too. AND IT'S OK.

The important part is that you get back in the saddle and press on!

So 3 days back in, and today I started realizing where it all started, my routine was interrupted. It started when the girls were sick, we missed work and school, I hadn't been to the gym. Y'all we were eating cereal for dinner.

This is vital for me, and possibly for you as well. It made me realize routine is everything! Habits are everything! I had to realign and replant myself back in my own practices. And tomorrow I'm taking on the Hollis Co #Last90days

I am so ready to set myself up for 2020, what about you? We're getting ready for some major things for this community and I am so proud of you all joining us here to take hold of your own healing.

Just remember it's OK to struggle, it's OK to have some off days. Just get back up! Look at the big picture. Look at what your life can be like through intentional pursuit of healing. Look at yourself seeing more better days.

You deserve thrive through this life. I know it's hard, believe me I do. There will be many tears, emotions, and questions. But you can do this. You can live life after loss.

We love you all so much.



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