• Karissa Blevins

I want you to be happier...

When I heard this precious boy singing I can honestly say it brought tears to my eyes.

I know it’s likely just this emotional momma thinking about all the lyrics and the relation between them, to the last couple of years in our lives but GAH he knows how to bring the water works.

It’s funny how, the things we receive as signs, to keep pressing on.

The little things that show us we are aligned with our purpose and that if we just jump head first into it that all things will also align in our favor.

That’s exactly what has happened since I started making these types of “jumps” I have never been without. I have never missed a moment we our kiddos.

The relationship between them is the motivation of our intentions with sharing our story with you.

And the core of my being is to serve women, in any capacity to transform their lives into something they had no clue they could even achieve in this life.

Watching my clients trust into their own capabilities has not only transformed their lives but mine as well.

Confirmation after confirmation that WE together are on purpose.

What’s stopping you from getting on purpose with YOURSELF? What’s holding you back and harboring this grief thing on your own?

Sis, enough is enough, let’s chat. My calendar is wide open this month! Grab a spot and we’ll talk more about what’s keeping this weight on you, how we can unpack it together, and turn the tides of your waves of grief, putting you in control of your healing.

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