• Karissa Blevins


I could just go back to this moment I would have hugged you one more time. I would've begged you to stay sober and take care of yourself. I would have told you that everything would be o.k. and it's alright if you need help, we, your family are here to support you.

If God would just let me see your face one more time I would accept your death and move on. Of we could just have one more conversation, one more embrace. I swore I would face the next day with a positive attitude and guide my girls in the way of the light and comfort of the Lord.


It's not that easy. I was only fooling myself. I was so foolish to pray for those things. I had no clue the rollercoaster that is my new reality. The crashing waves grief so unapologetically drowns us in is unlike anything you can compare. I suppose the only way to say the emotions and bereavement is, grief.

You must set the tone, intentionally for each day you face when living with grief. You must nourish your mental state, taking just a few minutes a day to meditate on a positive affirmation has helped me set a positive intention for the day. I'm not gonna tell you every day has been full of peace and blessing.


Sis, that's apart of grief, but you have to stick with it. You have to be intentional with creating the things you WANT. Over time though emotional expression and feeding yourself affirming, empowering goals will reflect true to your life. I narrowed down 7 affirmations to help myself set the tone and they're now available for everyone struggling with grief to use. Visit our website and let me know which one speaks most to you and how it helps. So much love and hugs to my friends struggling with the passing of a loved one, you are not alone.

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