• Karissa Blevins

It feels so good to be back in the store‼‼

The fulfillment that comes from watching a woman transform before your eyes is incomparable ❤

To see a woman's face light up, find her self, feel her best, CHANGES THE GAME 💝

I have met so many women from all walks of life, struggling with all sorts of issues, each just as individual as the women themselves.

All fighting in commonality towards being the best woman they can be. 🙌

💫💫💫Truthfully whether it's in our Allure, Carter Girls Closet, our Grief Support community THE TRANSFORMATION BLOWS ME AWAY EVERY TIME 💫💫💫

The best decision I've made is to pursue serving these women. And contributes to me being the best version of myself. ❤

Because of YOU I am so thankful for the Karissa I see today. 🥰

The transformation taken in myself stems from YOU, & if you haven't joined these amazing women YOUR FIRST OPPORTUNITY IS TONIGHT‼‼‼

💥We're sharing the most helpful tools to help transform your life in a 4 week long marathon.

Navigating Grief: The Cornerstones Of Healing After Loss

💥Join us every Sunday and Wednesday RSVP HERE! https://www.facebook.com/events/487791568705233/?ti=cl

💥Then make sure you register for the class here! https://cartergirlscloset.wixsite.com/…/navigating-grief-we…

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