• Karissa Blevins

Keeping busy and LIVING the habits for developing this new life with intention

My loves! I have missed writing so much! I have been without a my laptop for some time! But honestly it hasn't been a bad thing. Because I have been LIVING THE HABITS I PREACH.

Fueling my social and spiritual wellness have become he priority in this season of my life.

Service through my social outlets has given me so much fulfillment. I have received so much love and amazing connections from women from all walks, all striving for success and ready to cheer each other on!

Deciding to be intentional with developing the personal areas of wellness is the most important you can make, and hardest decision for some. It takes commitment and determination. YOUR ONLY GET ONE LIFE. You decide if you're going to enjoy it or not.


It's time to come out of the dark. It's time to embrace a new way.

I'm not saying the waves of grief subside, I'm not saying move on.

What I'm saying is pick up the pieces that you can, and decide that the life you have now is still worth living.

I am LIVING IT RIGHT NOW. If you are having trouble or want help learning how to do this life after loss, please don't hesitate to email me and let's get your plan together.


Photo credit to Southlake Women's Club. This was yesterday at the monthly luncheon where I was preesented as Member of the month!

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