• Karissa Blevins

Overdose Awareness Day, What you should actually be aware of...

This day I started out bitter. Angry at the word, overdose.

In my mind saying outloud Keethan's death was due to overdose was shameful. I remember the first time I said it.

I was in a group setting and the woman leading the group asked us to go around and say who died and how. Looking back now it has been vital to my healing.

I cried, I was so ashamed, what would people think? "Oh just another junkie"

See that's the thing, Keethan was not "just another junkie" and quite frankly, no addict started out as "just another junkie"

He was a son, a brother, a father, a successful business owner, a dedicated man of God, he was the first person to show me true compassion, and love.

He would give you the last dollar in his wallet and took in anyone that needed a place to stay.

Alcohol and drugs changed that.

That's the thing about addiction, it can take anyone and change them.

It can grip a person so tightly and seductively entice them to believing the only way to cope with stress, and life is to get high through it.

Its toxic, it can seep it's way into the relationships of the person it grips through lies, manipulation, and betrayal.

Making the choice to cut off toxic people is never easy.

Especially when it means dividing your family. This was the hardest decision I had to make, and don't think for a second that I didn't have second thoughts.

The point is addiction, overdose, can happen to anyone. And you'll never know what you will do until YOU have to deal with it.

Making this decision made me bitter towards myself, and angry in my spiritual relationships.

No one deserves to harbor this against themselves. And no one is within right to cast judgement.

So, on this day we recognize those that succumb to addiction, to death.

But I ask that you remember and uplift these people for who they are not which the disease they died from.

Remember the good times, the laughs and their accomplishments and ambitions.

Remember how they loved, and pursued the good things in life.

Remember their face when they smiled and the way it felt when you shared a hug.

These are the things that have uplifted our story. And kept us sharing.

Stay connected with us, be apart of our community and join as a member, we heal best together.

Use this link to become a member of Carter Girls Grief & Healing


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