• Karissa Blevins


Today I had the soft reminder of the day I decided I would no longer live conflictedemotions of Keethan's passing.

When I realized it's OK to appreciate what I DO have, and the progress we have made. Recovering from grief is the hardest thing I've ever learned to do and continue to learn to navigate every single day.

Changing the energy is vital, practicing habits that are good for me has change the tide of the waves.

Join me on this reflection of writing exactly one year ago today.

This day was exactly what we needed, may I never take another for granted. The moments I get with these 3 touch the most tender pieces of my heart.

Actually, to say it's what we needed is an understatement.

A divine reintroduction, to myself. To see myself and my children, and reflect on the growth that has taken place, since the last time we were here.

To finally feel safe and at peace, to get out of my own way and let Him take control. They deserve this, we deserve this.

The sand, smiles, seashells, the soft breeze and the sound of the waves. My beach babies you'll forever be ❤

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