• Karissa Blevins

Sharing with others...

The number one tip I feel to healing is sharing your experience and feelings with others. Sharing helps us feel validation, relation, and emotional expression. All which are, vital to the healing process. You have to have someone you can talk to without fear of judgement. They have to be able to support you, listen, and be present. Without, giving their “best advice” or “how they would” Sis, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who can determine what is best for YOU & YOUR FAMILY. Nobody knows “how they would” until they are IN THAT POSITION. . . VALIDATION is simple; TO SUPPORT, RECOGNIZE, ILLUSTRATE THE WORTHINESS OR LEGITIMACY!!! . . A friend that will be present, won’t judge, knows how to JUST LISTEN. Talking about our sorrow, madness, regret, and grief is the only way to get it OUT of our heads & hearts. . . . RELATION. A PERSON CONNECTED BY CONSANGUINITY OR AFFINITY. . . Healing happens when we FEEL that we are not alone. Relation of feelings help us stay connected. If you isolate and go into depression YOU CAN’T HEAL. . . . Emotional expression. They ways we make our thoughts or feelings KNOWN. Some may find it artistically, others by writing or simply talking about it with someone they trust. Again, YOU HAVE TO GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD & HEART. . . . The best way I know how to say it is, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SHARE WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH WITH SOMEONE WHO’S NOT ONLY TRUSTWORTHY, BUT, HAS ALSO WALKED IN YOUR SHOES. This is why I have chosen to become a Mentor to the grieving. I have to represent the & reach out to the silent, lonely, and heart broken. Sis, I’ve been there. I’m here to show you, there is a way out. I'm ready to listen when you're ready to heal. Find me here: https://cartergirlscloset.wixsite.com/griefchapters

If I’m not at the table, how are all other women like me supposed to be validated and comfortable in their own skin?

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