• Karissa Blevins

The gratitude found in a sick day...

It's been 3 long days, monitoring baby girl's temp. fighting off the sneezes and coughs. But last night we were both DONE.

Up all night with tears, sore throat, and hardly able to breathe this girl still finds things to smile at this morning.

So, we got Malayah off to school and we wait for our doctor appointment.

4 years ago I would've never thought I had the choice in doing this. Shuffling around the rides to school, and doctor so mom could still go to work has been our norm.


We are so blessed to have people in our lives that respect the territory that is single motherhood. They show us understanding and grace during the hard times. May it be an emotional week for mom, or a sick day for one of our girls.

If it weren't for our loving and supportive friends and colleagues, we would still be shuffling, relying on loved ones to change their day to lend a hand. And although, for a time, that worked. There's a season for everything.

This momma is so thankful for THIS season. Being a full time parent is both rewarding and exhausting. It truly does take a village, not only to raise children, but also to support mom. If you've been there, you know.

Learning to live with grief and practicing an attitude of gratitude has certainly had it's challenges. But I think it's something to share when you can live this life and experience the difference of changing the people you're surrounded by that can shift the trajectory of your life after loss.

It is vital to having supporting family, friends, and colleagues to show grace during the times you need to do what's best for you, understanding if it interferes with other obligations, and affirm they see you're doing your best and what's in the best interest of your children and yourself.


Friends, if you don't have that, FIND IT. Reach out to us, join our support group, join a local support group, There is limitless options out here. We love you.

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