• Karissa Blevins

The shit that blows you away...

When I started this over year ago I couldn't imagine the sense of fulfillment, the connections, the fire I feel in my soul for this work.

Sis, being a widow is hard, gut wrenching work. Many see no hope in a future. Sis, I'm here to tell you THE FUTURE DOES GET BETTER.

Three years ago I had no hope, I thought I was a sorry single mother going no where. LIES! When Keethan died I thought I lost a good life for my girls. I didn't recognize the greatness in myself. I didn't realize I AM THE WOMAN FOR THIS JOB. Everything in my childhood and life PREPARED me for leading my daughters into a new way. Doing so inspired me to share and serve here with all of you. My gratitude for the trust you all have in me and this process makes my heart burst.

My heart aches a little for the new members that join us, yet I also feel relieved they have found somewhere they can come for validation and open, honest insight to this life with grief.

Thank you so much to Voyage Dallas for supporting us and sharing our message. We are so thankful for this opportunity.


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