• Karissa Blevins

When his birthday became more powerful than the day he died

September 7th has been a day I have been thankful to celebrate with you for the past 6 years. Remember that one year the q-tip broke off in your ear? Lord have mercy you thought we were going to the ER.

The truth is throughout the last couple of years the celebrations have been few and far between.

I had allowed the shadow of grief to cast far too long.

This year I decided all that was changing, that we would be impacted more by your life than your death. And it's safe to say, that has never rang more true than it does this very day.

Your birthday.

I can only imagine the celebration taking place for you now. The smile on your face and the true happiness you must feel.

I remember the last few months we spoke, I could tell little by little you were slipping more away, I can hear you now "Everything's gonna be ok" and me "I know, just take care of yourself ok?"

And if anything you've taught me in this life you must LIVE IT for everything it's worth! Do what makes you happy and yes, to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.

So this year things have been changing, and we start this new chapter with a new way to celebrate and remember you.

20 women have chosen to take care of themselves for the next 20 days through a wellness challenge INSPIRED BY YOU!

20 this year, maybe 40 next, maybe 80 or 100 the year after! We will continue this to commemorate you and the life you lived here, and know you continue this throughout the next.

There has finally come a day when they day you were born has become more powerful than the day you were gone.

We love and miss you, happy birthday Keethan 🎂

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